"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani

Melanie Redd - Just Rest

May 15, 2022 Stephani Cook and Hannah Conway Season 3 Episode 20
"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani
Melanie Redd - Just Rest
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Melanie is a writer, podcaster, speaker, and health coach. You will love her positive encouragement and energy, as well as her practical wisdom around spiritual growth and finding rest. 

Just Rest: A 90-Day Devotional Journal


For your soul.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety, and depression affect  40 million adults in the US aged 18 and above. This is 18% of the total population.

I also read about a group of college counseling directors that were surveyed. 95% said, “the number of students with significant psychological problems is a growing concern in their center or on campus.”

This same article suggested that the biggest problem impacting college students today is anxiety; depression was a close second.

You may be one of those who do struggle with worry, fear, anxiety, or depression.

Possibly, you deal with all of these challenges. Or, you may have picked up this book because you would like to experience more rest, more peace, and calmness deep within the depths of your soul. You are weary.

There is also a chance that your mom, grandmother, teacher, coach, or one of your mentors gave you this book. You are reading it to be nice to them. That’s okay too!

No matter your reason for reading, the goal is the same. We are going to learn how to find deep rest for your soul.

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